Guided Downwind SUP Surfing

TI-Sailboat-DWDownwind SUP surfing is super excellent fun and challenging. This class is a guided coaching session in the San Francisco Bay.  The duration of this trip will be about 2 hours: including shuttle, coached guided downwind run, and review.

Also available is an onboard video of your session, this is an excellent training tool to improve technique and timing. We can edit your video if you wish to have a professional highlight reel to preserve the memory and share with family and friends. Please contact us for details and pricing.

This trip requires wind, the consistent windy season is from April through August, March and September can be good months also, and the rest of the year we wait for a favorable wind forecast. If the wind is light we will reschedule for another day.

The distance of the paddle will be determined by your ability and conditioning. The average run length is approximately 2-4 miles.  The paddle will take about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. This is not a beginner paddle, it will be windy and bumpy and can be very tiring and difficult for those who are new to SUP.

Prerequisite: One year of previous SUP experience recommended to get the most out of this session, or equivalent.

Pricing:  A portion of the price funds our non-profit work and teaching classes for people without the means.  Please contact us for pricing.

Recommended items to bring: light full wetsuit or spring wetsuit, sunscreen, and protective footwear (surf booties or similar).

Downwind surfing is an amazing super fun experience and we want to have a great time and feel the sensation of catching and riding waves. Part of what we teach is having a connection with nature and all beings including ourselves. We will show a quick way to practice connecting with nature and talk about how this helps our surfing and all of life.

An important part of surfing is taking care of ourselves, each other, our gear, the earth and all the beings she gives life to. We want the ocean to be clean and safe for us and all future generations so we often do a beach cleanup before or after a run, we will spend a few minutes cleaning up on the beach at the end of our run.

Any questions please contact us. Thanks!