So after a year or so of trial and error I have discovered a camera pole design that I am stoked on.  It functions exactly the way I want it to and captures amazing video.

I make them of bamboo grown locally here in Central California.  The joints are reinforced with hemp and plant based resin from Entropy.  The bamboo pole is lovingly hand shaped and glassed in my shop here in California and takes about a week to build.

A list of videos of the pole in the surf can be seen here: Sustainable Ultralight GoPro Elevated Camera Pole for Sufboards

Here is a video tutorial showing how I make these mounts:

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This video below shows the pole attached to a SUP, it is a 360 view of the pole and hopefully it gives a clear picture of what the pole looks like and how it attaches to a board.  Any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me.   Thanks!

I made the pole shown in the above video in June 2016.  It has been through many wipeouts and been bashed by the lip many many times.  From reefs, to points, to heavy beach break, it has been through the rinse cycle and still looks new.

I even spent a day intentionally tossing it around in the surf and it came up smiling.  Here is a little video from that day: