ToolsThese tools helped me ride the waves of life – practices, techniques, skills that are in harmony with the human body and living on earth.  A lot of this was unlearning for me, what I was taught wasn’t working, and I started asking how is my body designed to function and what changes can I make to feel better.

Below is what I did and do and helps me, doing this stuff improved my life.  It’s a testimony to what works for me.  I trust you are smart enough to do or not do what works for you, and to seek out whatever professional advice you need before attempting any of this.

Also I did many of these practices all at once, and this made it harder for me to pin point if one practice made a difference, or if the cumulative effect of all of them was the cause of my life improvement.

I list these tools in two categories:

  1. External – body, physical, or material tools.
  2. Internal  – thought, emotions, words, communication, and relating tools.

External – barefoot or shoes?  Shampoo/soap/deodorant/cologne or traditional methods?  Ignore the breath or conscious breath work?  Sunglasses and sunscreen or love me some sun?  Eat processed lab food stuff or wild nutrient dense food?  Shield myself from the elements or hot and cold exposure?  Science and critical thinking or pseudoscientific dogmatic cult worship?

Internal – Blame and shame or name and claim?  NVC or criticism/name calling/sarcasm?  I statements or YouBombs?  Fight with everyone or functional loving relationships?  Let Drs experiment with my mind and emotions or reclaim responsibility for my thoughts and feelings?  Share my feelings or bottle and explode?

Barefoot – Why and how I rewilded my feet and ditched shoes.

Skin and Hair – Why and how I went no-poo and stop using soap and putting toxic stuff on my body.

Food – I changed my diet and saw noticeable improvements.  Also I eliminated some foods and brought them back into my diet and saw no difference.  Also what I saw growing up in a meat processing and ranching family.

Breathing – 1 video – In this page I talk about breath work with tips and issues that came up for me.

Hot and Cold – Sauna and cold plunge, and or just going outside and safely being exposed to nature.

Science or Pseudoscience – Exploring the differences and why it matters.

Meditation – 6 videos –  For me this tool brings me to the foundation which is here and now or present.

Thoughts and Feelings – 6 videos – Know the difference and how to relate to and manage our thoughts and feelings and feel better.

Relationship skills – 20 videos – I didn’t even know there was such a thing until in my thirties and in a rocky marriage.  Relating skills are for all our relations – family, spouse, kids, friends, work, and strangers.

Communication and Language – 14 videos – Learning the power of words and how to choose language to communicate more effectively.  Words and how we say them, also listening and truly understanding what other people are communicating.