GoPro Hero5 Session - First Surf SessionA mini video review and my thoughts on the GoPro Hero5 Session camera.  Also I talk a bit about the expectations and desire for new tech and the reality of how we feel after we get it.  I swapped out the original GoPro session for this new one and gave it go on my bamboo SUP surfboard mounted elevated pole.  I am impressed, as the camera looks and sounds better with more image capturing horsepower in it.  Feeling stoked!  I am looking forward to capturing many adventures this fall and winter.

Dune Moon
from Yakaruna by By Evan Fraser and Vir McCoy


UPDATE:  I was looking at video from a recent surf session and the waves reminded me of a surf from last year. So I put the video from a session 4 split screen next to the session 5, the difference in image quality jumps right out at me. What do you see?

So hopefully this video will be helpful to those looking to get either GoPro session camera: