Paddling out like a proOne fine day the best SUP surfers in the world came to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  When the pros come to town I do my best to go out and watch and learn I can from them.  Seeing them on TV or at a break I am unfamiliar with is one thing. Then seeing them doing things I have never seen anyone do at one of my favorite beaches is mind expanding and inspiring.  Context seems to be everything as when I am at a place I know very well anything different is easy to spot, it jumps right out at me.

I have had 6 months or so to analyze and practice most of what I saw at the Heavy Water event last year.  These skills really came in handy SUP surfing Ocean Beach last winter.  I made this video in hopes of sharing and encouraging more SUP surfers to join me out in the lineup. I hope my ability to see and analyze is helpful and expands your surfing.
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