SUP Surfing FootworkLearning to move my feet rail to rail made a huge difference in my turns, control, and confidence in any conditions. In this video I break down the footwork that empowers us to do radical maneuvers, make sections, and kick out.  I slowed down and enlarged the footage so we can see how the pros move and position their feet to enable them to do stylish fluid turns.

For beginners this footwork helps us stay in control and have more confidence when taking a large SUP into a crowded surf zone.  With the right footwork we are safer for everyone around us and ourselves, this is an important skill to have on these bigger boards.  Also we are enabled to have longer rides and do those carving turns that feel so good.

These footwork techniques really did make a night and day difference for me.  I went from feeling really clunky and almost helpless on a SUP to being super stoked and fired up to go out and surf bigger winter storms.  Also my confidence surfing crowded lineups skyrocketed, I used to be afraid of taking a SUP into a crowd because I felt out of control.  My wave count and length of ride went way up too.

This video is part of a series of how to videos, see also How to Get Out in Bigger Surf.  Please let us know what other how to videos you want to see, here is our contact info.  A list of surfers in this video can be found in the description of the YouTube video.