Wing Foil Tips for BeginnersAfter completely flailing for 8 sessions I discovered how to wing foil with ease in sessions 9 and 10.  In this first video I explain what didn’t work for me and then I show and explain what did work and why it works.  The second video I talk about safety and danger in offshore winds, and in the third video I explain what I did when the wind was coming from the opposite direction. 

Also I added a video of my wing foil session log from my first 60 sessions, no foiling video just me showing and talking about my notes and how my first 60 sessions went.

For reference I am 6’6″ tall and weigh 200 pounds, regular foot (left foot forward) is my strong or natural stance.  At the bottom of this page I list my kite/wing/gear size for a given wind range. 8 videos.

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