Learning to Foil Surf - 150 sessionsVideo log from day one on a foil through session number 150. Crashes and all in hopes of giving a realistic account of what learning to foil surf looks like. When struggling I take comfort in knowing I am not alone. Learning to foil surf I felt like a total “kook” failure, flailing and crashing hard for many months. Also I beat myself up because I couldn’t come close to foil surfing like the people in the videos.

They make it look so easy! Yes, it actually is pretty easy, now, definitely not when I started. I had to unlearn all I thought I knew, had to throw my surfing knowledge out the window. Foiling felt really foreign, maybe like learning to walk and talk, takes a year or so to figure stuff out. The payoff is turns I haven’t done in years (40+ degree leans), speeds I am going for the first time (28mph), and distances I never thought possible (600+ yards)!

My favorite part of foil surfing is the camaraderie. All us foilers are figuring this out together, helping each other, sharing waves, and all around having a great time. Super stoked to keep venturing into this unknown and see what we find, together. Please join us, it really fun and there is enough for everyone.

Here are foil 1-75 sessions:


and 76-150 sessions:

I hope this helps!