Learning to Foil Surf - 150 sessionsVideo log from day one on a foil through session number 150. Crashes and all in hopes of giving a realistic account of what learning to foil surf looks like. When struggling I take comfort in knowing I am not alone. Learning to foil surf I felt like a total “kook” failure, flailing and crashing hard for many months. Also I beat myself up because I couldn’t come close to foil surfing like the people in the videos.

They make it look so easy! Yes, it actually is pretty easy, now, definitely not when I started. I had to unlearn all I thought I knew, had to throw my surfing knowledge out the window. Foiling felt really foreign, maybe like learning to walk and talk, takes a year or so to figure stuff out. The payoff is turns I haven’t done in years (40+ degree leans), speeds I am going for the first time (28mph), and distances I never thought possible (600+ yards)!

My favorite part of foil surfing is the camaraderie. All us foilers are figuring this out together, helping each other, sharing waves, and all around having a great time. Super stoked to keep venturing into this unknown and see what we find, together. Please join us, we are having a lot of fun and there is enough for everyone.

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