Wing Ding FoilingAnother 6 months or so of foil sessions, guesstimating my total to be somewhere between 250 and 300 sessions, I stopped counting at 150.  I have not ridden a non-foil board since June of 2018 (2 days in Maui).  The speed, length or ride, and maneuverability of a foil is so far beyond what I can do on a surfboard.

The best part is the freedom, the expansive open space to roam AND share a wave with multiple foilers, and we are stoked and welcome each other dropping in.  The crowded, sitting in a claustrophobic pack of hostile short board wave jockeys seems so stifling and antiquated, I literally cannot imagine going back to that.

I now feel much kinship with the pelicans and all birds.   A foil lineup looks more like the ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian depictions of their surfing – together – for joy and playing with each other in the ocean.