Create a Movie Inspire the World

We offer complete video education and production services including all the video and audio gear needed to record and edit a documentary or feature film.  Whether you are wanting to learn how to use the equipment, or have a project in mind and need help with the production we are at your service.

Prerequisite: Do your best to be the change you want to see in the world and have a heartfelt desire to show others how to do the same.

Pricing:  Let us know what you are wanting to do and we will work with you to find a budget that works for everyone.

Creating a movie is an exciting and super fun adventure.  Challenges will come up and having functional inner tools helps us feel calm, joy, and at peace regardless of the external circumstances.  Part of what we teach is having a connection with nature and all beings including ourselves. We will show a quick way to practice connecting with nature and talk about how this helps our production and all of life.

An important part of any production is taking care of ourselves, each other, our gear, the earth and all the beings she gives life to. We want the earth to be clean and safe for us and all future generations so we often do a location cleanup before or after our shoot, we will spend a few minutes cleaning up any trash on the shoot site.

Any questions please contact us. Thanks!