Choosing a foilIn this video series I explain how popular foil brands are designed and built and why it matters.  How the hydrofoil wings connect to the fuselage and the mast, whether in components or one single piece, I go over the components and design choices and the pluses and minuses.  Several times I was an early adopter of a new foil and learned the expensive way whether the marketing why hype or the real deal.  The brands I discuss are F-One, Axis, Armstrong, Slingshot, and Mike’s Lab.  This knowledge can be applied to any brand of foil.  For clarity this isn’t a detailed review of a specific foil wing or model (see my Foil Reviews page for detailed reviews).  This information helps one know what they are getting so they can determine the true value of a hydrofoil, it’s durability and longevity, and what the upgrade options are.

The point of this video series is to give you an overall understanding of why foil designers do what they do.  I didn’t have a clue when I bought my first foil, it was all a big mystery.  Every new brand of foil I purchased had a new learning curve of how the parts fit together, function, and the longevity and durability. 

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