DIY Wood Foil WingI hand shaped and glassed a hydrofoil wing out of a piece of wood and mounted it to an Axis fuselage for $20.  This is a beginner friendly foil wing shape, designed for someone who has never foiled.  Cheap, simple, and hopefully durable.  The only challenge was deciding how thick to make the profile wing shape, I started really thick and worked my way down to a shape that is very forgiving and user friendly.  I am stoked and feeling very proud and empowered, I can now make my own foils and I have lots of ideas for future builds!

There are 11 videos in this tutorial series.  Cutting the outline shape, cutting the fuselage hole, shaping the profile of the foil, laminating, vac bagging, drilling and fitting for the fuse bolt holes, more shaping, even more shaping, laminating and vac bagging again, sanding, showing the finished foil shape in detail, and a ride test video.

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