Separate a Stuck Foil WingHow to fix or separate a hydrofoil wing that is stuck on a fuselage. Wing is carbon and fuse is aluminum.

They were left assembled for a couple months and ridden a dozen or so times in salt water.  Corrosion – galvanic or electrolysis – whichever is the correct term, will be inevitable without regular maintenance or preventative action. The bolts were coated with a corrosion preventative or isolater and came loose with ease.

First I tried soaking in fresh water for several days, then penetrating oil, then put in a freezer for 15 minutes, and hitting the wing with a rubber mallet each time.  Also tried bolting the fuse to a wood plank and then used a couple 2x4s to try and pry the wing off.  Then tried hitting the fuse with a socket extension and heavy hammer half a dozen times and it didn’t budge:


Finally decided to give the fuse a longer freeze to hopefully shrink it and “break” the bond to the wing: