Ocean Lovers 2016 Inspirational Calendar

Ocean Lover's 2016 Calendar & Successful Kickstarter CampaignA wall calendar designed to inspire us to love, respect, take care of, and enjoy the ocean and the surf.  We are seeking funding for this project via kickstarter, please support and share here:


This wall calendar is a first step to publishing guides designed to show people how to love, respect, take care of, and enjoy nature.  As surfers our primary focus is on the ocean and the surf zone, and at the same time this wisdom is applicable to all of nature.

The photos were captured in each month so they accurately represent nature during that time of year.  Each month’s photo is accompanied by inspiring words.  Some days throughout the month offer encouraging words or challenges.

With your help we will complete this 2016 calendar project.  After successfully completing this project we will start projects for weekly and daily book guides.  Then expanding to video projects.  Our goal is to build a live/work place to live in harmony with the ocean and nature and teach others to do the same.