SUP community - Heavy Water GatheringI had a great time at the Heavy Water event at Ocean Beach Yesterday.  Big thanks to the organizers and athletes for bringing the wonderful SUP community together.  Feels good to see and be seen and known among good people at the beach.  Also might be the first time in history there have only been SUP surfers in the water at Ocean Beach.

Here is a quick slo mo highlight, and below is the complete edit with narration:


I have been experimenting with the ideas I heard from Clint Eastwood and Eckhart Tolle, one take and not rehearsing or memorizing what I am going to say.  Also I attended a Wim Hof workshop yesterday and am feeling inspired by how comfortable he is being himself and saying whatever comes to him.  So here is the full edit from the Heavy Water SUP event with narration.  I hope you enjoy: