Ocean Beach - Second SessionIn the second of these three sessions I was expecting small leftover surf:

Sign #1 it’s a great day – a local non-surfer asks if there is some special event today.

Sign #2 as I am getting close to the water I see a dozen people on every peak.

Sign #3 as I am warming up I see 3 guys pull in and get barreled – clean head high heavy with great shape.

Sign #4 after a long paddle through the impact zone I find the cleanest smoothest water I have seen all season.

Sign #5 I catch my first wave within minutes and after the drop a crisp glassy wall throws over.

Sign #6 I get detonated and can’t wait to get back out for more.

Sign #7 it’s a great day – I have a dozen or more fun long rides, connect with great people, and my voice feels sore from hooting so much.

Spring is around the corner and Ocean Beach has delivered some end of the season gifts in the form of fantastic surf in these three sessions.  Also playing around with a new logo and animated intro effects: