TurningThese videos show how to turn a foil, how foil turns differ from surfboards, and how to turn safely.  In the first two videos I breakdown the mechanics of turning a foil.  Next an animated explanation of how foil gear size effects lean over and the ability to turn.  Then I show videos of me crashing on gear that was to advanced for me to turn safely – what not to do.  Followed by videos where I show foil turn scenarios and explain what’s going on and how to have more success turning a foil.
Video 1=7:54
Video 2=5:33
Video 3=4:44
Video 4=4:40
Video 5=1:17
Video 6=1:15
Video 7=2:55
Video 8=3:05
Video 9=2:47
Video 10=2:58
Video 11=3:07
Video 12=2:07

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