DIY Foil Mast ExtensionA simple, easy, and cheap ($20) to make foil mast extension.  Allowed me to lengthen my carbon mast giving me more height clearance and tighter turning ability.  Carbon masts are expensive and often only available in one or two fixed lengths.  Custom carbon masts are also expensive and even more so if I were to guess wrong on the length.  So my goal here is to get the extra length I need to do tighter turns, and figure out what length mast is the sweet spot for me.  As in long enough to do the turns I want without being so long that it’s hard to ride.

First video is the how to video showing and explaining how I made the mast extension, and the second video is a ride video and report (YouTube Ride Report). In the third video I made a taller extension and give a ride report. In the fourth video I tested the bigger wing and extension at one of my favorite foil spots, and tested the smaller wing and extension in some really challenging conditions:
Video 1 = 2:46
Video 2 = 1:46
Video 3 = 5:12
Video 4 = 4:08

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