How to Build a Waterproof Wing Foil BoardGo ahead ding my board, it’s waterproof and will be fine.  I used to be afraid of dinging a board and would never let anyone borrow my super fragile glass encased sponge.  I have seen the proof that waterproof boards don’t soak up water and last for years.  I am sold on the concept so I made myself two boards.  Did I mention these waterproof boards weigh less than any of my EPS boards?  What’s the catch?  Well, I had to make it myself.  Considering how much I have learned it seems like a good catch.

This page shows the process of making a wing foil board from start to finish.  Almost nine hours of video edited down to about two hours of video showing the entire build process and me explaining every step including making the vacuum bag.  Also a list of the parts and materials and where to get them.  This is not meant to be a master shaper or perfect build tutorial, my intent is to simplify the build and make building a board more accessible to anyone.  I left all the imperfections and some rough edges as a proof of concept that a wing foil board can work well with a less than perfect finish.  I also used plant cloth and plant based resin, it is important to me to continue moving towards 100% non toxic materials.

First video is a 5 minute fast time lapse of the entire build.  Then videos showing: making the blank, shaping the blank, installing the boxes handle and leash plugs, making and setting up the vacuum bag, laminating the top and bottom and vacuum bagging, opening the boxes, sanding, and installing the deck pad.  Then a list of parts and materials. I also talk about possible delamination of waterproof foam and the solution we came up with.
Here is shorter preview I uploaded to YouTube.
18 videos in this series.

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