Reconnect with Nature 2017 Wall CalendarLast year’s Ocean Lovers wall calendar was a great success and a lot of fun.  Having the calendars in my hands and seeing it on the wall every day has been amazing.   Folks have asked me to do another for 2017, here is the link to back the Kickstarter campaign: Reconnecting with Nature 2017 Wall Calendar.

Visiting people who have it on their wall and hearing the feedback and appreciation has been awesome.  Also discovering the Little Free Library organization and giving and delivering calendars to the book “houses” around the San Francisco Bay Area was a great joy.

For 2017 I am expanding the concept beyond the sea to include all of nature.  A beautiful nature photo for every month of the year.  The words of inspiration and encouragement that appear on various days throughout the month will continue the tradition of guiding us to reconnect with nature.

The calendar size will be the same 8.5″ x 11″ and printed by Greener Printer in Richmond, California.

My intention is giving this wisdom in a way that is fun for me and enjoyable and helpful to all who receive it.  What is the best vehicle?  Is it a wall calendar?  A perpetual calendar?  A book? A video? Podcast?  All or part of the above?  Kickstarter is one way for us to find out.  I designed the project in a way that works for me to do it, and now that it is posted we will see if that is what folks want.  Either way I look forward to continuing this work and I am curious to see what the outcome is.

Thanks for the support and I welcome and need feedback, any suggestions or requests or ideas on how to further the mission please reach out and contact me.

Clay Schmitz