Tube City at Ocean BeachI am renaming San Francisco Tube City after seeing so many epic barrels this beautiful warm winter day. Twice in the past three years I have wished I brought a prone shortboard with me, a shallow fast reef break in Maui and this day at Ocean Beach.

Driving to the beach I had no idea it would be hollow and barreling.  The last time I saw this many barrels it was huge and serious.  I was even more surprised to see that a third of the beach was working but the other two thirds were closing out.  So most surfers were concentrated on a handful of peaks without a SUP surfer in sight.

While filming I was scratching my head wondering where I could SUP surf safely.  It seemed quite a challenge to pull in and make it out on a SUP, especially without colliding with another surfer.  I was called away before I could get wet and find out.  I had a SUP discrimination run in last week, so maybe I was a bit reluctant to put myself in a situation that might encourage that kind of drama.

What do you think?  Are these SUP friendly barrels?  Is it reckless or dangerous to put a big SUP in a crowded lineup on a hollow day like this?