What's NewThis page is dedicated to whatever new stuff we happen to be testing and working on.

When I have something to report I will post here and update the posting date, kind of a preview before a tutorial is ready.

I added 4 videos of the F-one Seven Seas 1200, reviewing this wing both surf and wing foiling. Available on the foil reviews page.

Jeff Clark’s larger wing foil boards came in and I have 2 sessions on the 118L (5’10”).  I am stoked to report that the extra volume is well placed and right away I noticed the improved stability over my 95L.  I am only 2 sessions on the Jeff Clark board, and yet schlogging was a pleasure, and touching down a non issue.  It’s been so long since I have ridden higher volume boards that I forgot how nice it is to be able to touch down or even plane along the surface with no issues or pearling or sinking.  He only had 2 boards made and with the good feedback is working on having more boards made.  I am not a jumper so I don’t know if this construction can stand that type of abuse, for my everyday surf style they are great.  Going into the light wind season I am so stoked to have a short stable board in my quiver.

One of the reasons this matters to me is that the 110-140L size board is what a lot of beginners and intermediate riders end up buying, and it’s a huge benefit if these boards are stable to stand and schlog on.  In my opinion stability is priority one for a higher volume board, for me this was the single biggest factor that made wing foiling easier to learn.

I added 2 videos of no pump acceleration take offs, these are helpful with small high aspect foils, and when one cannot pump.  Can find the videos at the bottom of the small board knee start page.

Also added an update to weak side or switch foiling, 1 video on small body weight board and no pump take off.

I also added a video on how to flip over an 8 meter wing while sitting on a body weight board at the bottom of the wing handling page.

I demoed a full 2022 Cabrinha wing foil setup: wing, foil, and board.  The camera died before I got on foil so no foiling, I did make a video review of my short test on this gear on the foil reviews page.

Also I added some more videos on foot hooks and a mod a made to more securely attach a foot hook…

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