Berkeley Wing Foiling in the San Francisco Bay

Berkeley Wing FoilingBerkeley has direct line of sight to the Golden Gate Bridge and the opening to the Pacific Ocean.  Powerful wind and swell enter the mouth of the bay and make their way all the way to Berkeley.  Spring and summer winds are the most consistent and best time to wing foil in Berkeley.  The best way to access and learn about Berkeley wing foiling is to visit the…

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Treasure Island Wing Foiling in The San Francisco Bay

Treasure IslandTreasure Island often has great swell and consistent wind, also the launch is small and the current can be strong so I recommend advanced skills, the buddy system, and a radio.  Treasure Island has a pretty wild history including use of radioactive toxins, explosives, and other dangerous materials (Business Insider, Reuters, SFGate, SFBayview), and it seems toxic nuclear radiation still exits on the island.

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Harnesses – Hooks – How to Hook In and Out and Be Safe

Harnesses and HooksHarnesses are a great way to point further upwind and rest the arms and prolong a fun session.  Being attached to a powerful wing up high on a tall foil can also be intimidating and lead to a scary fall.  In this video tutorial series I show and explain various harnesses and hooks, both metal spreader bars and hooks, and the ding free hooks.  I also show how to hook in and hook out in various wind strengths, and on bigger 6 and 8 meter wings.  I also go over what can go wrong and how to protect oneself and stay safe.

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