Recently I heard we can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air.  Given this reality it seems breathing is a bigger priority than food or water.  There is a lot of information out there about what to eat and where our food comes from, likewise the water bottle boom has been around for a while.  To me it makes sense to put as much if not more time and attention on our breath, how to breath, and what’s in our air.  I had been doing breathwork for years prior to 2020, and the recent phenomenon of demanding people wear something over their face and alter our natural breathing seemed beyond insane.

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Foil Mast Height – Lean Over – Calculator

Foil Mast Height CalculatorFoil wings of the same shape often come in two or three different sizes, and each larger size is usually several inches wider.  I created a vector graphics file to allow me to calculate mast height for each wing size AND keep the lean over angle the same.  As an example I have two F4 surf wings size 1250 (27.5" span) and 1700 (33.5" span), when using the same 28" mast on the larger wing I need to ease up on my turns to keep the tips in the water.  So I want a taller mast that will allow me to lean over by the same degree and carve the same tight turns.  This vector graphics file showed me how tall the mast needs to be to do the same turns.

Here is the file in both Adobe Illustrator (AI) and SVG format:

To use this file you will need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator or similar vector graphics software.

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Building with Bamboo – Free and Clean

Bamboo Pole Camera MountOn day I added up the parts cost of one of the carbon fiber camera mounts I was making, the total was almost $200. I saw the bamboo poles that were sitting unused in my garage and remembered I only paid a few bucks each for them. So I spent the next hour hacking together a bamboo mount, tried it in the surf the next day, and it was a total and instant failure. I gave up on bamboo for a while.

Then over the course of a few months I tried…

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Easy Way to Make a Lasting New Year’s Resolution

Tough Mudder ResolutionDid you make a New Year’s Resolution last year? How is your resolve, did you stick with it the entire year? How about prior years? Any resolutions that you made years ago that you are still practicing? Congratulations if you answered yes.

Regardless of our past today is a new day. Here are some simple tips to make resolutions we can stick with.

1. Clearly define what your resolution is and the details of what exactly you will be doing. What does success look like?

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Meditation – Better Than Drugs and Alcohol

Meditation - A beautiful rainbowMeditation for me is like unlocking some secret world where I feel great and I see the truth that everything and everyone is beautiful and amazing. It took me a couple years to find the key or learn the combination, or more like a couple months once I committed to practicing daily.

Making that commitment was hard, why? Well how do I commit to something I don’t understand or really even know what it is? For me it seemed like agreeing to eat a food everyday that I had yet to taste, what if I don’t like it? What the heck is meditation anyway and how do I know if I’m doing it right? I had no clue nor did I know who to ask, nobody I knew meditated.

The first half dozen or so times I tried meditating I sat there feeling foolish and nothing happened…

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