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I want everyone to feel good. Please give comments of love, joy, stoke, encouragement, excitement, inspiration, compassion, empathy, friendship, kindness, and good vibes. If you are needing love or encouragement or a kind word please ask.

If you are wanting to leave different types of comments please read this guide first:

This is a safe welcoming place for folks to gather and support each other. Comments need to align with this. If people are verbally slinging arrows and beating each other up no one will feel safe. So comments will be moderated accordingly.

Zero tolerance for the following comments: Blaming, shaming, name calling, criticizing, bullying, threatening, rage, fear mongering, and similar abuses and bad vibes. Also complaining about people or gear you don’t like or people coming to “your” spot.

We surfers are geniuses at creating loopholes and language hacks, so any attempts to invent sneaky ways to bring people down or dump on folks will likewise have zero tolerance.

These bad vibe comments will be removed, repeated attempts will lead to a revoking of the ability to comment on channels and platforms.

If you are feeling angry or scared or wanting to vent or attack I suggest reaching out to friends or a guide, teacher, counselor, family advisor, or traditional healer.

I also find meditation helpful:

Clay Schmitz