Foil Surfing TutorialI made a foil surfing tutorial series for SUP The Magazine.  Designed for newbies and beginners.  I made it now when I am still learning myself.  I have found that after I have progressed and developed advanced skills it is challenging to remember how difficult being a beginner was.  Here: is the webpage for the SUP Mag tutorial.

Also I suspect down the road will be fun to have a video record of where I was and my thinking about foil surfing.  I wish I had this from my early prone surfing days.  Now it’s hard to imagine not being able to paddle out and catch a bunch of waves and do whatever turns I want.

When I started surfing that seemed impossible or way out of reach, I almost quit altogether several times.  I say this to remind myself and other folks learning to foil surf, and hopefully inspire us to keep going and stay with it. The first few sessions were really hard for me, and it took me a dozen sessions to finally have it all click and be able to foil surf.

Now I am excited to see how far I can go.  I have seen some amazing local foil surfers do incredible things on a foil, rides so fast and so long they have been a challenge for me to record.  The potential is huge and I am really stoked to be a part of this exciting new adventure.

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