I remember going on a easy hike with my former in-laws and being embarrassed that I had trouble finishing.  My knees, hips, and back were aching, I was wearing thick rigid hiking boots with a lot of arch support and raised heels.  That was about a decade ago and in a way the final straw of buying footwear with ever increasing cushioning, support, rigidity, and even orthotic inserts.  Going barefoot eliminated my pain, restored health and strength to my feet, and opened me up to a new way of seeing the world.

In this episode:

  • The benefits of going barefoot
  • The myths of barefoot
  • Protecting our children’s feet
  • The gateway to tribe
  • Why I went barefoot
  • How I went barefoot
  • Transitioning from boots to barefeet
  • Renewable shoes
  • Connecting with the earth
  • Part 2

Music Osun by Vir McCoy.