Maui November 2023Maui fires August 2023.  Kai Lenny has a list of Maui support resources, and a list of Maui families to support.

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer also has a donate to Maui link.

My friend Nick lost his home and business and thankfully his family is okay, here is their gofundme.


YouTuber Eric has been video documenting the aftermath of the Maui fires.  Here is an overhead drone video and another drone video of Lahaina.  As of December 2023 most burn areas of Lahaina are fenced off and the destruction is hidden from view, seeing these videos helps me connect with what happened.  Here is some ABC news drone video from a few days after the fires.

Police body cam footage was requested by media, here is the most recent footage from November 2023 – warning – I found this hard to watch and listen: Hawaii News Now video.  Here is the previous release of the MPD body cam footage only showing certain aspects of police action.

Arborist who visited 38 fire aftermaths weighs in and asks questions about the Maui fires.


I enjoyed this video from November 2023 and found it very moving:


I also enjoyed this Water People Podcast -Isaiah Helekunihi Walker: Claiming Kuleana. On Apple.


My video of Maui from November 2023:


The first video I made of Lahaina in 2016: