RetribeOnce upon a time all our ancestors lived in tribes or bands and we took care of each other and shared all we had. We lived in harmony with the earth and each other for hundreds of thousands of years. At some point this bond was broken, we lost the knowledge, and forgot who we are.

I am ready to re-tribe, to build a way of life designed for human thriving.

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Below are a collection of videos and books on Tribe.


Sebastian Junger on the Joe Rogan Show:


A journey to the last hunter-gatherers left on the planet:


Ceremony, Relationships And Communal Living | Russell Brand & Shaman Wendy Mandy (Instagram Video Clip):


Lessons from a thousand years of island sustainability | Sam ‘Ohu Gon III, PhD:


Local: A simple concept to change the world with Helena Norberg-Hodge:


Civilized To Death – Animated Book Summary:


Rat Park – Bruce Alexander – Dislocation Theory Of Addiction – Epochal changes in society:


How Culture Makes Us Feel Lost – Dr. Gabor Maté On Finding Your True Self Again:


Surf Tribe:


A couple videos from my new YouTube channel, a series of talks:



More videos can be watched at one of our other websites: