Knee StartsOnce I progressed and moved down to a smaller wing foil board I needed to learn how to knee start.  In this video series I show and explain how to go from kneeling to flying, on both low aspect foil wings and high aspect foil wings.  The windier it is usually the rougher the water is and the harder it is to stand up.  The first four videos are with a high aspect wing at different locations around the San Francisco Bay in 12 to 40mph winds.  The fifth video shows my beginner setup: giant board, foil, and wing and how I bypassed the knee start on such stable and easy to fly gear.  The sixth video shows how I moved down to a smaller low aspect foil, boards, and wing and explains how I did both standing and knee starts.  Both heel side and toe side starts are shown and explained in close up detail so you can see what my feet, hands, and body are doing to stay balanced and get flying.
Video 1 = 12:03
Video 2 = 11:57
Video 3 = 15:14
Video 4 = 18:31
Video 5 = 14:55
Video 6 = 10:42

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