Bamboo POV camera pole mount for surfboards

OB-sim-sup-poleExperiencing the fun and welcoming vibe of SUP Downwinding and seeing how undiscovered it is I wanted a way to get the word out and share the stoke. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years and had no idea there are surfable waves in the bay, and even after I discovered this I didn’t really believe it until I saw it. Growing up I had the belief that the bay was dirty or gross and only for boats, definitely not a warm sandy beach for swimming kinda place. My first summer living in Alameda introduced me to a different idea, one where there are thousands of empty waves every day right in front of a beautiful warm sandy beach. For me the thing that really blew mind is that there is no one out surfing these waves, and when I tell other surfers this they don’t believe it. The idea or dream of having endless uncrowded waves with warm welcoming people is real…

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Ocean Lovers 2016 Inspirational Calendar

Ocean-Calendar-Kickstarter-WebPageA wall calendar designed to inspire us to love, respect, take care of, and enjoy the ocean and the surf. Our Kickstarter project is a success and we have received the funding we asked for, the calendar is available on

This wall calendar is a first step to publishing guides designed to show people how to love, respect, take care of, and enjoy nature. As surfers our primary focus is on the ocean and the surf zone, and at the same time this wisdom is applicable to all of nature.

The photos were captured in each month so they accurately represent nature during that time of year. Each month’s photo is accompanied by inspiring words. Some days throughout the month offer encouraging words or challenges.

With your help we have completed this 2016 calendar project. After successfully completing this project we will start projects for weekly and daily book guides. Then expanding to video projects. Our goal is to build a live/work place to live in harmony with the ocean and nature and teach others to do the same…

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Living-Traditional (1)We broadcast a radio show on KPFA 94.1 FM from Berkeley, CA. Livestream is available at KPFA . Show archives can be found on the Video page and on YouTube, and also on the Podcast page. Our goal is to bring and make accessible traditional and ancient healing practices to our communities. The empirical knowledge of traditional healing practices is still being used by the indigenous cultures from the four corners of the world. This proven medicine has its place in modern culture as it heals imbalances of the body, restores mental clarity, brings serenity to the heart, and reconnects us to our soul. The show is hosted by David Kukkola. Executive produced by Miguel Molina. Audio and video production by Clay Schmitz.

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MeraculusMeraculus produces inspired, uplifting, and healing content for radio, television, and the internet.

One reason I started making movies was to see if I had that gift. The other reason was I saw ways to improve the world and I wanted to inspire people to help me do that. When I went to the movie theater and came out inspired I wondered wow how great will it be when all entertainment feels that amazing? What if everyone is watching and listening to content that inspires and uplifts? Will they greet people with a smile and a kind word? Will they offer to help a stranger, and do something nice for their family and friends? How will people drive when listening to music that touches their soul? When the daily message being created and broadcast in the form of video and music is one of love and compassion what will our world look like?

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