Foil SUP Practice Day 2 Seeing this video has me super stoked to keep practicing and learn how to foil SUP surf.  Fortunately we had already booked a foil practice session on the Barbary Ghost.

Such a good time, I am really enjoying community on a boat.  After Saturday’s outing I am asking how can we get together like this everyday and have the good vibes continue all day and into the night?  After these group surf sessions I find myself reluctant to go surfing alone.  I suspect this is what a day is like for hunter gatherers or ancient Polynesians.

Part of the fun and excitement of this adventure is probably the novelty of being on a Go Foil, one of the first in the San Francisco bay area.  For me a big part of the thrill is believing this will lead to amazing new surf experiences.  Maybe even a return to the Hawaiian and Miwok lifestyle of being in the ocean every day, both for fun and for food.  One long ride from Treasure Island to Emeryville sounds amazing and a foil board might make the dream come true.



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