SUP Foil Practice - San Francisco BayPractice – another step forward in learning to fly a SUP Go Foil by being towed behind a boat, the Barbary Ghost.

It’s been a while since I have been pulled behind a boat, I forgot how much fun the group camaraderie is.

One of the reasons I am documenting my learn to foil experience is to give a realistic account of progressing.  The pros make it look so easy, as do the experienced kite foilers.  Seeing some of the video of myself I feel a bit embarrassed, it is humbling to be a beginner again and struggle to grasp the basics.  At the same time I remember how hard it was to learn to downwind SUP surf, SUP surfing before that, and prone surfing way before that.

I suspect it will be fun to have video of how much we struggle now and then in the future to have video of us foil surfing with ease.  I am enjoying the journey and getting a lesson in patience as I take these baby steps forward in learning fly this gofoil.  Thanks to all for coming aboard the boat, and thanks to Captain Drew and the Barbary Ghost.  I hope to get out there with you all again soon.



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