Amazon link to Soloshot 3How to setup the Soloshot 3 so it works 100% of the time.  Below are two videos:  1 – is how to setup, calibrate, and be free of interference.  These methods allowed me to overcome a very low success rate to now having it work 100% of the time.

The second video is how I securely lock my Soloshot 3 and tripod when at the beach, extend the battery life, protect it from rain fog wind, and wearing the tag armband.

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How I attach a lock to my tripod and lock that to the sand or whatever is available at the beach.  Also adding an external battery back.  A couple ways to protect the Soloshot 3 from wind, rain, and fog.  The tag armband and my experience with it.



Soloshot 3 multiple tags.

Outdoor Weather Protector.

Tripod with geared column.

Sand anchor auger.

External battery pack.

Double sided tape for external battery.

Right angle usb cable.

Gaffers tape for USB cable.

I use this tripod lock.

Abus long chain.

Short shackle all weather padlock.

Long shackle all weather padlock.

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