Amazon link to Soloshot 3

***** Edit:  I pulled this video from YouTube after my Soloshot stopped working.  Basically I had a long stretch where my SS3 worked every time, and then I had like a dozen sessions in a row where I got zero footage and after my 90 something email with tech support I gave up on Soloshot.  Some people still get their SS3 to work, so maybe this video on how to calibrate is helpful for someone.  ********************

Below are two videos:  1 – is how to setup, calibrate, and be free of interference.

The second video is how I securely lock my Soloshot 3 and tripod when at the beach, extend the battery life, protect it from rain fog wind, and wearing the tag armband.

Purchasing a Soloshot 3 with this Amazon link helps support this site and allows me to do these how to videos.  I hope these help!


How I attach a lock to my tripod and lock that to the sand or whatever is available at the beach.  Also adding an external battery back.  A couple ways to protect the Soloshot 3 from wind, rain, and fog.  The tag armband and my experience with it.




Outdoor Weather Protector.

Tripod with geared column.

Sand anchor auger.

External battery pack 10,000mAh.

External battery pack 5000mAh.

Double sided tape for external battery.

Right angle usb cable.

Gaffers tape for USB cable.

I use this tripod lock.

Abus long chain.

Short shackle all weather padlock.

Long shackle all weather padlock.

I would love to hear how this helps. Thanks so much!
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