Wing Foiling Up RiverLooking back on my first handful of sessions, the hope of ripping around the bay on a wing foil seemed pretty far out of my reach.  What gave me inspiration was how intuitively and quickly I learned the basics of flying a wing.  Then my confidence plummeted as I tried to apply these skills in rough water.  I kept going, listening to my gut as to what I needed to try next, on my 9th session I figured out what I needed and had success.

My friends and I are having so much fun wing foiling, I have mostly skipped summer surf on the coast.  My friends that don’t foil have been reaching out asking how they can get in on this foil fun, it’s just to appealing to sit on the beach and watch.

Here is some video from my first 30 sessions:


And more video from 30-60 sessions:


Then a nuking 30 plus day came to the San Francisco bay:


And we went inland and foiled up river in the delta, where it’s nuking all day: