Thoughts FeelingsGrowing up I believed there were only a few acceptable feelings: happy, rage, and sadness if someone died.  Any other feelings, like say anxiety, was a sign I was broken or a “basket case”.  Also I could only call in sick to school or work if I was bedridden with flu symptoms or injured and couldn’t walk.  No one ever explained thoughts to me, and I had no concept that I am not my thoughts.  Richard Branson said business opportunities are like buses, there will always be another one coming.  Thoughts are like this, so we can let one we don’t like go and wait for another thought to come along shortly.  Or some folks say thoughts stop altogether, and they just be in peace and bliss.  I have experienced this for about half a day and it was magical, one of the most incredible afternoon into evenings I have ever experienced.  Colors and textures and all of San Francisco were beautiful and incredible, so enjoyable and peaceful and amazing.

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