A Surf Tale – Recut – All 3 versions

A Surf Tale - Recut with Directors CommentaryStoked to present the recut version of A Surf Tale!  I trimmed and cut the scenes that didn't work, and remastered the video for HD.  Below are three versions:

1- The first is the recut with directors commentary;

2- The second is the recut with the original sound and music score;

3- The third is the is the recut with the original score and the addition of narration.

Here is a preview of the recut with director's commentary:

Below are the three versions of this film.
Length of each is – 26:49
I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed reliving this adventure...

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My First Time SUP Foil Surfing – Video

Go Foil SurfingThis foil surfing project has been 10 months in the making for me, and it really got going yesterday.  First time ever riding a foil or having any experience with a tuttle box.  Big learning curve for me.

I felt anxious as soon as I decided this day was the day to try it.  I had no baseline to even guess what I was in for.  Paddling out and going for a wave was a rush, and I never thought I would be terrified in knee high gutless mushy waves.

Looking forward to trying DW foiling here in the San Francisco Bay.  I suspect this will open up a whole new area of wave riding.  Thousands of wind waves go unridden and the bay is often empty of any wave riders.   Foiling could change this,literally creating surf spots overnight where they have never been before…

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Three Sessions – A Fantastic Week of Ocean Beach – SUP Surfing

Ocean Beach - Second SessionIn the second of these three sessions I was expecting small leftover surf:

Sign #1 it’s a great day – a local non-surfer asks if there is some special event today.

Sign #2 as I am getting close to the water I see a dozen people on every peak.

Sign #3 as I am warming up I see 3 guys pull in and get barreled – clean head high heavy with great shape.

Sign #4 after a long paddle through the impact zone I find the cleanest smoothest water I have seen all season.

Sign #5 I catch my first wave within minutes and after the drop a crisp glassy wall throws over.

Sign #6 I get detonated and can’t wait to get back out for more.

Sign #7 it’s a great day – I have a dozen or more fun long rides, connect with great people, and my voice feels sore from hooting so much…

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Living Barefoot – My Gateway to Tribe – How I Transitioned from Boots – Retribe Podcast #2

Living Barefoot – My Gateway to Tribe – How I Transitioned from Boots – Retribe Podcast #2

I remember going on a easy hike with my former in-laws and being embarrassed that I had trouble finishing. My knees, hips, and back were aching, I was wearing thick rigid hiking boots with a lot of arch support and raised heels. That was about a decade ago and in a way the final straw of buying footwear with ever increasing cushioning, support, rigidity, and even orthotic inserts. Going barefoot eliminated my pain, restored health and strength to my feet, and opened me up to a new way of seeing the world.

In this episode…

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